Infection is an easy to learn, unique card game that is quick to play though filled with strategy and a shot of luck. Ages 6 and up.

Infection is quick and fun, like checkers, but with cards, and zombies instead of kings and busses but no jumping…Alright, it’s not like checkers at all, except that one can develop levels of skill and employ various strategies to win.

One deck will include: 54 cards, 300gsm stock, poker oil, shrink-wrapped.

There are four unique Action Cards. Players start with three random Action Cards and can play one at the beginning of their turn. Immunity Cards can be played at any time and don’t count as a turn.

On their turn, they play one action card if they wish, follow the directions on that card, then attack another player. 

The goal is to infect the other player or make it so that the other player can no longer attack given their number of infected.

There must be a matching or greater number of healthy characters in the community being attacked as the infected of the attacker.